October 20, 2016

This Mobile Billboard is Raising Awareness about the Harms of Pornography

The Maryland Coalition Against Pornography (MCAP) is sponsoring a mobile billboard to help raise awareness about the harms of pornography. This is such an innovative idea! The mobile billboard  will primarily focus on circulating near the University of Maryland in College Park for several weeks. If you see it, make sure to say hi!

Many people have still not heard the message that research is showing pornography’s many negative effects. It’s vital to spread the word, whether that’s through one-on-one conversations with peers or family members, or larger public awareness campaigns like this one put on by MCAP.

The Maryland Coalition Against Pornography (MCAP) is a volunteer based organization that works to protect children, families and communities from the devastating effects of pornography by:

  • Educating the public
  • Encouraging enforcement of federal and local obscenity and child pornography laws.
  • Taking appropriate action against businesses that deal in pornographic materials.
  • Supporting businesses that do not distribute pornographic materials.
  • Supporting federal and state legislation to control obscenity and child pornography.
  • Providing help for those struggling with addiction to pornography.
  • Protecting minors against exposure to pornography

You can learn more here.

You can think outside the box during White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week or any week of the year. You can help spread the word about the public health crisis of pornography (and all of the resources that are available) through mobile billboards, radio public service announcement campaigns, putting on a rally with local leaders, and more.

Every person we educate makes a difference!

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