January 11, 2012

Networks Argue for Clarity in TV Indecency Rules

Christian Broadcasting Network
January 11, 2012

 Should the federal government be allowed to regulate what broadcasters put on the air during times when children are often watching television?

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday from attorneys with the big four broadcast networks. ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox said their clients deserve full First Amendment rights.

“The time has come to treat broadcast TV on an equal footing with all the rest of the media. The same First Amendment rights ought to apply,” Carter Phillips, an attorney representing the Fox television networks, argued before the justices.

However, Patrick Trueman, the chief executive officer of Morality In Media, views the matter differently.

“The networks have no right to broadcast filth into our home,” he told CBN News.

Opponents argue that those granted access to the public airwaves must keep them safe for all the public.

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