May 15, 2017

New Documentary Exposes Harms of Pornography from Insiders’ Perspectives

Ten Million Throwaways is a six-part documentary television miniseries that sheds light on the pervasive harms of pornography and the porn industry.

Writer and director Andrew Douglas decided to create the documentary when he noticed that “there was a massive void around the topic of pornography” outside of the porn industry itself.

Matt Bang, Sound Mixer for Ten Million Throwaways

“There is a lot more going on in the industry at large, which affects both consumers and adult performers working in the adult entertainment business,” Douglas said. “We . . . carried out 12 months of research to try and uncover the truth about what is really happening.”



The series, which is filmed on-location on different continents as well as in several locations within the United States, reveals insider information on the porn industry from those who have witnessed and experienced its harms first-hand.

“Each episode presents dozens of hidden facts about the industry,” Douglas said. “Through this whole experience, it has opened my eyes and I have become very passionate about raising awareness around this issue.”

Andrew & Mitch from Ten Million Throwaways

Former porn performers Crissy Moran and Jan Villarubia, former strip club dancer Harmony Dust, and former pornography addicts Jason Chu and Mitch Salmon all share their personal experiences with pornography and in the porn industry. The series also features insights from NCOSE’s own CEO and President Patrick Trueman.

Ten Million Throwaways also explores the direct links between pornography and sex trafficking.

“Research has discovered that the more one looks at porn, the more extreme the images need to be in order to excite interest and retain attention,” said Douglas. “Soon enough, this addiction naturally leads millions of people to leave the fantasy world of porn and go looking for real-world experiences. . . . Sex trafficking generates at least $32 billion annually—and internet porn is fueling it,” he concluded.

Douglas hopes that after watching the series, people will come away with a new understanding about pornography. “I think the statistics in this documentary are mind-blowing and will hopefully make people question their own actions,” he said.

As of yet, there are no official broadcast dates announced for the series, but it is available for individual screenings. To learn more about hosting a screening of Ten Million Throwaways, contact White Shadow Films at

Watch the documentary trailer here:

Kimberlee Tinio Forsgren


Kimberlee Tinio Forsgren is a communications intern at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. She is currently earning a bachelor’s degree in English at Brigham Young University (BYU) with a minor in Digital Humanities and Technology. Kimberlee’s interest in activism has flourished since she joined BYU’s Anti-Human Trafficking Club at the beginning of 2016, where she has donated her creative talents and efforts to raising awareness about this important issue, and continues in her work at NCOSE. In her spare time, Kimberlee enjoys doing freelance graphic design, cooking, and spending time with her husband, Ben, who is also an intern at NCOSE.

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