October 21, 2016

Podcast Episode: Is Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl a Myth?

Ep. 6 What the hype and the research have to say about trafficking at the Super Bowl.

Claim # 1: “The Super Bowl is the largest sex trafficking event in the world.”
Claim # 2: “Sex trafficking at the Super Bowl is way overdramatized; it’s not a big problem.”

Over the last few years, both of these claims have been perpetuated by different media sources.

The latest episode of the “Sexploitation?” podcast decodes this debate. In this episode, Lisa Thompson, Director of Education and Outreach at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation joins host Haley Halverson to discuss the media hyperbole, the reason some biased groups propagate the idea that sex trafficking at the Super Bowl is merely a myth, and what the research has to say about it.

We hope you tune in!

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