New Webinar from Addo Recovery: Helping parents protect their children

Addo Recovery is offering a free webinar on  Friday, June 20th at 1pm MST.

We’re excited to announce the continuation of a new online webinar training series focused on understanding pornography and sexual addiction and its impact on individuals, relationships, teens, and families.

This webinar training series is for:

  • religious leaders
  • parents
  • spouses
  • teachers
  • counselors

The webinar will be presented by Brannon Patrick. Brannon specializes in treating pornography and sexual addiction. He is passionate about working with parents, helping them develop the skills they need to empower their children. Brannon is a member of the Addo Recovery team, providing therapy and directing group therapy program development.

During this webinar, Brannon will discuss how advisors and parents can effectively work with youth to prevent and fight pornography addiction. Our youth are almost certain to be exposed to pornography. With the correct tools and education we hope to instill confidence in those advising and counseling youth.

This webinar  will introduce five essential skills that parents and advisors need to develop. These skills include:

1. Emotional Regulation Skills
2. Effective Communication
3. External Monitoring
4. Education
5. Example

The webinar will be recorded and available online for playback. If someone is interested in the topic but are unable to participate live, they can register to receive a link to the recording.

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