Julie Bindel Discusses the Harms of Decriminalization
November 30, 2017

NewsBusters: Left-Wing Feminist Slams ‘Misogynistic’ Prostitution and the Sex Trade Share

It’s a trend for women’s magazines and online sites to promote porn and herald “sex work” as “empowering” to young women. But that isn’t stopping one feminist journalist from speaking out against prostitution and the sex trade.

Last month, Julie Bindel spoke at the National Center for Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) following the recent publication of her book The Pimping of Prostitution: Abolishing the Sex Work Myth. While she is a self-described “left-wing secularist” and “proud out lesbian,” Bindel agrees with conservatives in the fight against the normalization of prostitution.

Bindel writes regularly for The Guardian and others news outlets like Newsweek. For her book, the UK journalist traveled to nearly 40 countries, cities and states to investigate the global sex trade in 250 interviews.The front cover boasts the endorsement of feminist activist Gloria Steinem for a “well documented book.”

During the event, among other things, Bindel offered a behind-the-scenes take on her book, called out liberal billionaire George Soros, told heartbreaking stories of prostitution around the world and in the United States, and gave advice for media to follow.

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