October 14, 2020

One News Now: A cause on which we can all agree

Originally Published at One News Now

By Charlie Butts

More than 300 organizations have signed on to Exodus Cry‘s Traffickinghub petition calling for the shutdown of Pornhub, which has been accused of being involved in human trafficking and posting pornographic videos of minors.

“They are one of the largest, and they’re the most mainstream, and they’re raking in the most profit in the pornography industry,” Haley McNamara, vice president and director of the International Centre on Sexual Exploitation (ICOSE) in London, reports about Pornhub. “All the while there are survivors of sex trafficking and child sexual abuse — their trauma and their pain has actually brought money in for this company.”

McNamara led the London edition of the recent Pornhub protests in capital cities around the world.

“People showed up both in person and online, and it’s exciting to see people around the world from all different political persuasions,” she relays. “This is something that we can all agree … needs to be addressed.”

She encourages the public to “keep the pressure on.”


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