September 29, 2020

One News Now: Critical ‘CREEPER Act’ resurfaces

Originally Published at One News New

By Charlie Butts

Some members of Congress want action against the sale of “sex dolls” in the states.

Pat Trueman of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) warns that the dolls, sold through Amazon, Wish, and a variety of other places, are not for little girls to play with.

“They’re lifelike dolls, anatomically correct, usually little girls,” Trueman details. “In fact, one person commented that her eight-year-old daughter’s image was used on a sex doll sold on the Internet.”

Trueman says people who have an interest in abusing children are the ones buying the dolls.

“Would this hurt or help the problem of child sex abuse, which is really at a pandemic level in America and throughout the world,” he poses. “Well, of course it would increase the number of children exposed, because you’re feeding right into the illicit desires of pedophiliac people.”

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