November 30, 2016

This Simple Action Is How One Person Got Cosmo Magazine Out Of Their Wal-Mart Checkout Aisle

We regularly hear from supporters who are concerned about Cosmopolitan magazine.

nationwide survey revealed that the majority of Americans believe Cosmo is especially harmful to minors and that it should not be prominently displayed in checkout aisles.  Cosmopolitan is filled with sexually explicit articles and depictions of sex acts in virtually every edition. However, it’s often sold in the checkout aisles of major chains like Target, CVS, and Wal-Mart.Cosmo_Magazine_Survey

It seemed like Wal-Mart got the message when it committed to a corporate policy to place Cosmo behind blockers. That was a great step forward!

Unfortunately, enforcement of this policy at the local level is sparse at best. Supporters email us to report uncovered Cosmos in Wal-Marts from all around the country.

But there’s good news: one person can make a difference!

One dignity defender from Florida emailed us this week with an exciting story. She was disgruntled to find Cosmopolitan in the Wal-Mart checkout aisle, without a blinder. She felt inspired to take action after she finished shopping and saw that her receipt included a code and survey invitation.

She went home and filled out the online survey to let them know about this breach of WalMart corporate policy.

One week after she filled out the survey, the store no longer had the magazine in the checkout aisle!

All it took was a receipt and a couple of minutes.

This is an incredibly easy action! If you have a Wal-Mart receipt, you can take their survey here. Please consider filling out the survey after you shop at your local Wal-Mart. You can remind them of Wal-Mart’s corporate policy that calls for all Cosmo magazines to be covered. Email us at and let us know if you see a change!

Cosmopolitan is on the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s Dirty Dozen List, which names 12 mainstream contributors to sexual exploitation. You can learn more and take other online actions at DirtyDozenList.Com.

Your individual actions and support are important. Together we’re creating change in our communities and in our country to better respect human dignity.


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