March 29, 2016

ONENEWSNOW: Congress slaps lucrative trafficking website

Original Source: OneNewsNow

Author: Charlie Butts

An online advertising service that peddles trafficked women, men, and children may soon run up a huge bill for legal expenses – and the U.S. Senate may be pursuing further steps to make sure that happens.

A Senate panel was conducting a hearing to look into sex traffickers using to post ads and sell the victims for illicit purposes – but Carl Ferrer, CEO of Backpage, decided to skip the hearing. His absence, says the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, clearly shows the website is “unapologetic about its business model [which is] based on sexual exploitation.”

The NCOSE’s Haley Halverson tells OneNewsNow the Senate has now expressed its contempt – literally – for “It was found in contempt of Congress 96-0,” she emphasizes. “So it was a landslide decision – and we’re hoping that it leads to more accountability for Backpage in the future as well.”


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