July 15, 2015

Overwhelming Response to U.S. Capitol Symposium on the Public Health Crisis of Pornography

On Tuesday, July 14th, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation hosted a symposium right in the U.S. Capitol building on the public health crisis of pornography. The latest medical and social research was presented to a room packed with members of the press, the public, and representatives of members of Congress. The room quickly overflowed to the point that nearly forty people had to regretfully be turned away, because the room was already beyond capacity.

We brought some of the top experts together to speak and inform the leaders and influencers in Washington DC that the public health crisis of pornography can no longer be ignored. Neurologist and addiction expert, Don Hilton, MD, discussed how porn negatively impacts the brain, while Melissa Farley, PH.D. examined the connection between prostitution, trafficking, and pornography. Feminist activist, author and scholar, Gail Dines, PH.D. discussed how porn encourages violence against women and children. Ed Smart, activist and father of kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart, revealed how pornography feeds sex trafficking and exploitation in the real world. Many other prominent speakers discussed issues of child brain development, the impact on the family, and more.

Several news outlets took notice of this event, such as:

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) is calling on Congress to organize and hold Congressional Hearings on this topic, to enforce existing laws against sexual exploitation—such as adult obscenity laws—and to keep the facts presented at the Capitol symposium in mind when creating new legislation.

By educating both Congress and the public about the vast harms of pornography, NCSE is proud to be contributing significantly to the movement for ending exploitation.

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