March 5, 2015

Personal: 50 Shades Proposition

I feel compelled to tell people about what happened tonight. We were working at Full Moon BBQ in Fultondale, AL when a regular customer comes in. I nicely asked how he was doing while he was coming in through the front door. He responded with “Good. I would be even better if I could kidnap you and take you home with me.” I was so taken back I didn’t have words. I played it off because he was a regular customer and thought he was joking. He proceeds to say, “Have you ever seen 50 Shades of Grey? I have the DVD.” I responded with “ok”. I was freaked out and immediately told my manager. A few minutes later he asks an underage coworker of mine if she had ever seen the movie. She says she hasn’t. The man asks if she will go out to his truck to get the movie or if she wanted to watch it with him in his truck… Freaky I know. We were very disturbed by this. To another coworker, he stared at her like she was a piece of meat while having his legs spread apart the entire time. What makes the situation even more bizarre is that his truck had no tag whatsoever. So what was his plan exactly? I’m not exactly sure, but I have some ideas… And they aren’t good. He was in a 1998 tan/gold Chevy 1500 pickup truck. Please share this for awareness in the Fultondale /Gardendale/Birmingham areas. I pray he never comes again and I pray safety over all the ladies! Thank you.

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