February 13, 2019

Podcast: How Do Strip Clubs and the Military Relate to Sex Trafficking?

Ep. 31 Dan O’Bryant addresses the way strip clubs feed sexual exploitation

Strip clubs are often seen as a harmless form of entertainment for men. While they are certainly everywhere from the sides of interstates to the heart of our nation’s capital, and pull patrons from all walks of life, some of strip club’s most routine patrons include military personnel. In fact, military bases are often surrounded by strip clubs in their area, and we’ve seen that they often have special ads and discounts specifically targeting individuals serving in the military.

How is this a problem?

That’s what Dan O’Bryant will be discussing with us today. Dan served as a Judge Advocate General (JAG) in the United States Air Force, serving as a prosecutor then later as an Area Defense Counsel. He was a Law Professor at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and a 2015-16 Fellow at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. He is also a board member at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

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This presentation was given at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s briefing in the U.S. Capitol entitled “The Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda.” To learn more, visit: endsexualexploitation.org/freedomagenda/

Reach out to public@ncose.com if you or someone you know is linked with the military and has a story or strategy for this issue. Anonymous or with full attribution.

Volunteer to help individuals in the sex industry: http://iamatreasure.com/about/locations/

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