February 26, 2019

The Robert Kraft story the news is ignoring…

Men like Robert Kraft are the reason prostitution and sex trafficking exist.

The owner of New England Patriots, and recent Super Bowl champion, is being charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution. The charge, which only classifies as a misdemeanor, will likely amount to nothing more than a slap on the wrist for Kraft.

But here’s the story people aren’t talking about…

The women Kraft abused are possibly victims of severe sex trafficking. Brought from China on temporary work visas, they were promised legitimate jobs but were instead pressured into the sex trade. On average, these women performed sex acts on 1,500 men per year.

Police investigators have found evidence suggesting the women were not allowed to leave the premise. Personal items, beds, and a refrigerator filled with food and condiments indicate the women were living on-site. In some sex trafficking cases, victim’s passports are stolen by their pimps, which may be the case here as well.

While all the news focuses on Robert Kraft and the future of his football team, why is nobody talking about the women whose lives he helped ruin?  Without demand for prostitution, there is no sex trafficking. Men like Robert Kraft are the reason prostitution and sex trafficking exist. It’s Economics 101—where demand exists, pimps and sex traffickers provide the “supply.”

The best way to combat forms of sexual exploitation like prostitution and sex trafficking is to stop the demand. A mere slap on the wrist is grossly insufficient. This isn’t the story of an NFL owner who merely “made some bad decisions”. This is the story of several women who were sexually trafficked and serially raped because of some men’s belief that they have the right to purchase a woman’s body to use for their personal sexual gratification.

At NCOSE we’ve been developing our Face the Demand campaign to take on this very issue. Please join us in fighting for the victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking by helping us unmasking the perpetrators—the men who buy women for sex.

Ben Miller

Former Digital Strategies Coordinator

Ben joined the National Center on Sexual Exploitation as Digital Strategies Coordinator in July of 2018. As Digital Strategies Coordinator, Ben raises awareness for issues of sexual exploitation through digital media, email marketing, and website development. He works to create a community of activists who are enthusiastic about combating sexual exploitation and changing culture.

Ben earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He graduated with Honors in the Liberal Arts and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. During his college career, Ben spent a semester studying in Washington, D.C. and interned for a member of Congress. On campus, he actively sought to change Greek culture, especially with respect to sexual exploitation, through his membership in Phi Kappa Theta fraternity. Ben also supported his peers who were afflicted by the harms of pornography through a weekly men’s purity group.

Ben’s deep commitment to fighting sexual exploitation was ignited in part by the work done by NCOSE. While writing a research literature review for a public policy class in college, he came across Porn Harms Research and the initiatives being carried out by NCOSE. Ben, a strong anti-pornography activist at the time, began to learn more about the connections between all forms of exploitation and how prominent these issues are in today’s society. He devoted himself to raising awareness about the web of sexual exploitation and is deeply grateful for the work NCOSE has done on these issues. Ben is excited to be a part of the team at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and to contribute to this important cause.

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