February 1, 2017

ARTICLE: Pornhub launches a Roku channel, says the ‘potential reach of this partnership is huge’

Originally Published: Talking New Media, by D.B. Hebbard, April 2016

Roku has had an app store for a lot longer than Apple, and some publishers have experimented with the store by launching channel apps that contain video files. Bonnier’s Saveur and TIME magazine are examples, though neither app channel is very enticing.

Now Pornhub has announced that it has a Roku channel.

“The adult entertainment platform announced a Roku app today,” the company said. “Available now, the private channel can be downloaded through a Roku device for free, providing users with access to all 5 million videos on Pornhub. For those who have Pornhub Premium memberships, they are able to access premium content via a Roku device with no advertisements.”

“The potential reach of this partnership is huge. With more and more consumers using a Roku as their household streaming box (the streaming service has sold over 10M units thus far), Pornhub’s 60 million daily visitors are now able to consume free, premium porn on the big screen.”

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