March 23, 2018

Sports Illustrated Bashes Royals GM Dayton Moore for Anti-Porn Stance

You may have read about Kansas City Royals General Manager Dayton Moore taking bold, principled, countercultural action to educate his team on the harms of pornography.  As I noted in a column today, this decision did not occur in a vacuum.

According to Porn Hub’s own data, the world watched 4.6 billion hours of pornography in 2016, with the United States leading the pack, accounting for 40 percent of the site’s traffic. It’s not inconceivable that this dangerous trend has affected professional athletes as it has the general population.

Yet, Sports Illustrated magazine is bashing Moore for his anti-pornography stance in an article entitled “Royals GM Dayton Moore Makes Bizarre and Troubling Choice to Host Anti-Porn Activists.”

Mainstream pornography today is violent, degrading, and hateful. In our #MeToo culture, replete with sexual harassment and assault, it’s time we stop treating this awful material with kid gloves and expose it for what it really is. Moore is taking concrete action to change the culture for the better.

That makes Moore and his team strong role models and leaders. Use the following tweets to thank him for his principled stance!

Thank you @Royals GM Dayton Moore, for your principled stance on the harms of pornography. We're inspired by your countercultural but important decision! Click To Tweet Thank you @Royals GM Dayton Moore, despite what the media may say, your bold stance on the harms of pornography are worth it, and will make your team better role models! Click To Tweet

Katherine Blakeman

Katherine Blakeman

Director of Communications

Katherine Blakeman joined the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) as Director of Communications in August of 2017.  She works to foster a community of people who want to restore human dignity and end sexual exploitation through traditional press outreach, digital media, and email marketing.  She has testified before the Maryland House of Delegates on the public health harms of pornography.

Katherine has appeared on, or been quoted in, several outlets including LifeSiteNews, NewsBusters, American Family News, EWTN Radio, Relevant Radio, Cosmo, Elle, Deseret News, the Daily Signal, the Daily Caller, NPR, HLN, and Fox News. She has been featured on Matt Fradd’s Love People, Use Things podcast, as well as the North Carolina Family Policy Council’s radio show Family Policy Matters. She writes a column for  

Prior to joining NCOSE, Katherine served as Communications Director for two members of Congress and as the Communications Deputy at Heritage Action for America, where she blogged, conducted social media outreach, and joined radio shows across the country to discuss the organization’s priorities and goals.

Katherine participated in the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute fellowship at the United Nations Youth Conference in July of 2011, which sparked in her a passion for human rights issues and for speaking out for those living in poverty or a cycle of exploitation, particularly those who suffer from sexual exploitation. She is a graduate of Ave Maria University in Florida.  

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