Senate Stands with Victims of Sex Trafficking, Sends FOSTA-SESTA to President’s Desk

To all of our supporters and activists, thank you for your advocacy and your participation in our mission to end all forms of sexual exploitation. For weeks, we have called on you to contact your Senators to tell them to #ListenToSurvivors of online sex trafficking and amend the Communications Decency Act. Your calls, emails, and social media activism made a difference!

Thanks to your dedication and commitment to our cause, the Senate just passed FOSTA-SESTA, legislation to help end the modern-day slavery of online sex trafficking by giving victims their day in court and empowering state Attorneys General to prosecute websites that facilitate sex trafficking.

The House already passed this crucial reform and the President supports it. The Senate’s bipartisan vote brings survivors of sex trafficking a major step closer to justice and to holding the websites that facilitated their abuse accountable.

Thanks to the Internet and websites whose business model is to facilitate criminal activity, buying a person for sex has never been easier.. Now, websites that facilitate sex trafficking won’t enjoy the same immunity under federal law they have for too long. This is the biggest victory in the fight to end sex trafficking in decades!

We work hard every day to change both corporate and government policies that fuel sexual exploitation, and today’s victory is a concrete reminder that our work is paying off and your voices are being heard. If you are as inspired by this victory as I am, please make a donation to NCOSE today so that we can continue to play our part in major battles like this one!  

Thank you for all that you do. Please take a moment to thank the lawmakers who passed this monumental reform! 

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