April 9, 2012

Slavery – What’s the difference?

One of our most active supporters on Facebook recently emailed me this picture:

She then said:

“So it occurs to me that if someone were to see a picture like the first one I have attached, people would be outraged!!! Yet, Replace the man in this picture with a white woman and suddenly we have “pornography.” Then suddenly, society says it is ok, not a big deal, just “a guy thing”. I ask, what is the difference??? Is a woman less important to protect than a black man? Is not womanhood just as beautiful and sacred as race?  Is our culture really any better now? “
I think she brings up a good point and an important perspective. Why is it ok to beat women and treat them as sexual slaves? It is almost socially ok that this is happening.

Recently, I was on an airplane where a man was watching pornography on his iPad. One of the images he was viewing,  I just cannot get out of my head. It was of two young girls (I am certain they were no more than 14) – one was whipping the other just like in this picture. The man in front of me on the airplane reminds me exactly of the man just leaning back nonchalantly watching the beating in this picture. Others are watching in this picture, just like others sat quietly around me in the airplane, knowing what was happening and yet unwilling to speak up for the rights and dignity of those girls. What’s worse is that when I spoke up, I was told be quiet and have since been the recipient of hundreds of abusive emails, calls, letters, threats, etc.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Since some people find it sexually arousing to watch others be abused, it is ok and we’re the “biggots and moral crusaders infringing on everyone else’s rights” ??

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