October 12, 2016

Social Media Buzz at the CESE Summit

We’re still all abuzz with excitement and hope after the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE) Summit. It was incredible to see so many advocates standing up and speaking out for human dignity!

Here is what some of the attendees at the CESE Summit had to say on social media:

“It has been a fantastic time of networking and moving forward on various initiatives. Thank you NCOSE! Bring on day 3! #cesesummit #endexploitation”
“What an amazing conference! Connected with friends and met some incredible new people. We’re sad that the #CESEsummit is over, but excited to accomplish all the work ahead of us!”
“Life is better with friends!”
“Catholic Radio in Houston is proud to support #CESESummit.”
“Very insightful time at #CESESummit #endexploitation”
“At the #CESESummit surrounded by great men & women of the movement. This is #whyifight”
“Junto a la vice presidenta y directora ejecutiva de @endexploitation Dawn Hawkins. Responsable del #CESESummit #EndExploitation”
“How the Church is fighting to #endexploitation” Comment: “Would love to talk with y’all more about what you’re doing.”
“Crissy Moran being interviewed at the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit in Houston.”
“It was an honor presenting at the 2016 Coalition to #endexploitation Summit in Houston! So many great people working together to fight for freedom! #CESE
“Here I am with some pro-love/anti-porn champions.”

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