February 7, 2017

You Can Tell Roku to Stop Streaming Sexual Exploitation

Roku is a popular streaming service that lets people bring TV, movies, and music into their homes.

Unfortunately, this streaming service also facilitates hardcore pornography.

Through “private” or “hidden” channel offerings, Roku allows well-known pornography companies to utilize its brand and technology to stream hardcore pornography. Similar companies like Amazon FireTV and Apple TV have remained watchful and refuse to facilitate hardcore pornography films.

But this streaming company perpetuates sexual exploitation.

While this company does not expressly allow pornographic channels in their public channel store, however, because they allow developers to set up “private” or “hidden” channels, they have become a major mainstream destination for streaming sexually exploitive content. Hundreds of these channels can be accessed via direct download from the Roku website.

You can make a difference against Roku.

Share the below graphics on social media to raise awareness about this company’s partnership with the pornography industry. Educate your family and friends, and join our campaign to hold this company accountable for its promotion of sexploitation!

You can also contact their executives right here!

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