March 30, 2021

STATEMENT – Congressional Briefing on April 8 will Demand Criminal Investigation of Pornhub for Distributing Child Exploitation, Sex Trafficking, and Non-Consensual Content

Media Advisory

WHAT: A group of survivor and advocate-led organizations are sponsoring a congressional briefing to present evidence of the rampant criminality on Pornhub, which is owned by MindGeek, an international company with offices/servers in the U.S. 

Pornhub has profited by distributing child sexual abuse material (CSAM), videos of rape and assault, filmed sex trafficking, and non-consensually recorded and/or non-consensually uploaded intimate material, as revealed by by the BBC and The New York Times.

An online petition has garnered over 2.2 million signatures to shut down Pornhub for aiding sex trafficking. Five class action and civil lawsuits have been filed. Over 100 survivors of sexual exploitation and 525 NGOs from 65 countries have called for a criminal investigation into MindGeek. Some 70 Canadian Senators and MPs called on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to initiate a full investigation into MindGeek, headquartered in Montreal.

MindGeek markets child sexual abuse material to the U.S.—Pornhub’s largest audience—and has studios, servers, and offices in the U.S. But MindGeek continues to flout U.S. laws prohibiting child pornography. The U.S. Congress must get involved and move the U.S. Department of Justice to launch an investigation into MindGeek because no one is enforcing the law against deeply harmful, illegal practices.  

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WHO: The briefing is being co-hosted by: Breaking Free (MN), Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International, Mentari Human Trafficking Survivor Empowerment Program (NY), More Too Life (FL), National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Organization for Prostitution Survivors (WA), Rights4Girls, SPACE International, Survivors for Solutions, Traffickinghub Movement, United Against Slavery (TN), and MN-based survivor activist Christine Stark.

WHEN: Thursday, April 8 from 2:00-3:30 pm Eastern Time 

WHERE: Members of the media and the public are invited to attend the free, online briefing and should register at: 

About National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE)
Founded in 1962, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) is the leading national non-partisan organization exposing the links between all forms of sexual exploitation such as child sexual abuse, prostitution, sex trafficking and the public health harms of pornography.

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