February 8, 2016

STATEMENT: Utah Resolution on Public Health Crisis of Pornography Passes Committee Unanimously

Statement by Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of NCOSE


Washington, DC –  Friday the Utah State Legislature’s resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis passed through committee unanimously. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) applauds this development, and expects that soon other states will consider similar resolutions.

“This unanimous vote is hopefully the first of many as the states begin to realize the devastating neurological, psychological, and sociological effects of pornography,” said Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. “Pornography use is linked to a plethora of harms, from shrinkage in key areas of the brain, to increases in sexual violence, and to rising cases of porn-induced sexual dysfunction. Cigarette and tobacco use was once considered a healthy social norm before the science caught up with it, and this is what we are now seeing with the research about pornography.We commend Utah for taking the lead to address this public health crisis, and we expect other states will begin to address it as well.”

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