September 20, 2012

TAKE ACTION! Pornography on the Disney Channel

Contact DISH Network and the U.S. Department of Justice demanding they investigate pornography on the Disney channel and fix the problem!

In the middle of watching Lilo & Stitch, hardcore pornography popped up and played for six minutes, exposing three young children to images they shouldn’t have to see and will never be able to forget.
FOX Carolina 21

You can read about the incident here:

The pornography DISH Network distributes would very likely be found illegal under existing federal obscenity laws if those laws would be enforced. (Learn more here.) Not only is DISH likely breaking the law by providing it at all, now they are allowing it be displayed on popular children’s channels. Contact them and the US Department of Justice and demand they investigate this and stop it from happening again! WE WANT ANSWERS!

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