October 9, 2020

The Christian Post: Sex trafficking survivors sue Nevada over legalized prostitution, say it violates 13th Amendment

Originally Published at The Christian Post

By Michael Gryboski

Survivors of sex trafficking have filed a lawsuit against Nevada, arguing that the state violated the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution when it legalized prostitution.

Christen Price, legal counsel for NCOSE, said in a statement Thursday that the 13th Amendment “prohibited the states from re-establishing new forms of servitude through abusive economic practices.”

“Yet this is what Nevada’s legal scheme is producing: vulnerable women and girls are commodified and held in sexual servitude,” stated Price.

“Nevada’s sex tourism industry, bolstered by the unquenchable demand, requires more and even younger girls each year. Girls are brought to Nevada across state lines to be prostituted and trafficked, in violation of federal law.”

“This lawsuit seeks an order that will void any county ordinances licensing brothels; invalidate the state law permitting prostitution; and provide exit services and resources to women prostituted through Nevada’s legal brothels,” continued Price.

“We hope that our survivor plaintiffs receive some measure of justice, and that their case would ultimately pave the way for other girls and women to escape Nevada’s sexual slavery scheme.”

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