June 6, 2012


Dear Friend,

Over the last month, 20,000+ people joined our boycott of coupon giant, Groupon because the company was selling coupons to visit a porn
studio. We know of at least three businesses that stopped their deals because of Groupon’s decision to run ads for a torture porn company. In addition, 7 other national organizations joined the boycott too.

We are writing to tell you that the boycott worked! 

This message was sent to us:

“Given all the feedback from partners like you, we reassessed not only consumer interest but also merchant opinion on these types of deals. It’s never our intention to offend customers or our business partners. Your feedback has been invaluable to us and executives are regularly informed of merchant response, both positive and negative.  As a result of the feedback from the Armory deal, we have stopped running adult deals across the country.  


The Playboy Mansion deal ran after the “non-adult” rule was enacted in the U.S. due to a process glitch.  As soon as we became aware of it, the deal was immediately taken down.” 

Friend, be encouraged that 20,000+ people stood with you this time. We hope that you feel as motivated as we do to continue to challenge pornography and the pornification of our society where and when you see it. We do not have to simply accept the mainstreaming of pornography and the devastation that results from it.We can fight back! Please continue to learn more, spread the word and take action when and where you can! 

Patrick Trueman
President & CEO

P.S. Special thanks to the many of you who took action, as well as to our boycott partners: Citizens for Community Values, Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking, American Family Association of Kansas and Missouri, Louisiana Family Forum Action, Illinois Family Institute, Women for Decency and Arizona Family Council.

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