June 14, 2017

Are You With Us? Call on the DOJ to #EnforceTheLaw

Hopefully, by now you’ve heard that Federal law prohibits the distribution of obscene adult pornography.


Why do I care so much about this law? Because if the Department of Justice would have been regularly enforcing obscenity law we would likely not have the ocean of pornography on cable and satellite TV, hotels, motels, retail shops, in the mail, and yes even the Internet.


We would not be experiencing the public health crisis we are today.


When I first started working at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, NCOSE’s president Patrick Trueman and I recognized that if we could only get the existing laws enforced, we would effectively shut down the most harmful pornography producers in the nation.


That’s why we have set the stage for pushing the DOJ to enforce obscenity law by raising awareness about the public health crisis of pornography, and by naming and shaming companies normalizing pornography.


As our campaign name for this on-doing priority says, we want to “Defend Justice: Prosecute Illegal Pornographers.”


But I need to know, are you with us?


You can pledge your support by donating to NCOSE today, to help fund this effort.


June 30th is the end of our fiscal year, and if we want to pursue this project in the coming year, we need your financial donation to make it happen.


We have been consistently calling for obscenity law enforcement since I first joined NCOSE. Now we are on the brink of success!


There are some key policy influencers we know who want to enforce obscenity law…but we need the funds to galvanize all of Capitol Hill and more public support for it to happen.


One generous donor has promised to match ever dollar donated up to $10,000 dollars! That means if you donate $20, it becomes $40, and if you donate $100, it becomes $200!


Please chip in $25, $50, $75 or more to get this vital effort off the ground. We need $20,000 to help with this big push right away. If each of you contributes even a small amount, we will reach this goal by June 30th!


Contribute today to show us you support this campaign! We can’t do it without you, and I need to know you are on our side.




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