May 21, 2014

Victory: #endexploitation Summit major success

The Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation was launched this past weekend in an enormously successful two-day conference in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. People came from all over the U. S., and from several other countries, Mexico, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Trinidad and Tobago, and elsewhere.
If you missed it, you really missed something good and groundbreaking. It brought together activists who are working on many aspects of sexual exploitation, such as pornography, trafficking, and child sex abuse. We had a wonderful group of speakers, featuring our Executive Director Dawn Hawkins and many of our Board of Directors, such as Dr. Mary Anne Layden, and Dr. Donald Hilton. Former porn performer Shelly Lubben spoke and former porn producer Donny Pauling moved the crowd with a stirring presentation. Church officials, experts in addiction recovery, and community action presented. Radical feminist Dr. Gail Dines, who is internationally renowned for her work against sexual exploitation spoke, as did Laura Lederer who is one of the founders of this nation’s movement against sex trafficking.
And we networked and formed a great movement – the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation – that will take on and give no quarter to the sexual exploiters who have wreaked havoc on the lives and families of countless Americans and others across the world.


Your financial support made this victorious event possible. As you know well by now, when you give to Morality in Media we don’t stash your donation in a bank account to earn interest. No, we put it right into the battle to earn victories.
I am writing to say thank you to you and to God for helping Morality in Media make a difference.
Most sincerely,


Patrick Trueman
President & CEO
Morality In Media


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