June 14, 2013

VICTORY: Navy to remove pornography, responds to sexual assault crisis

At Morality In Media/PornHarms, we engage in hard-hitting, aggressive action every day against those who sexually exploit and we don’t give up until we get results. Millions of lives, especially families, will be affected because of our united efforts. This wouldn’t be possible without help from those like YOU.. I made a short video to explain this major win! Or just continue reading.

Morality In Media has been involved with the issue of pornography and the military for years, but with the recent announcement of 26,000 sexual assaults last year alone in our Armed Forces (that’s 70 a day!), we have been aggressively moving this issue forward. We have been on Capitol Hill most days the last couple of weeks meeting with key Members of Congress (specifically the Armed Services Committees) and attending hearings to make sure that our officials realize that pornography is contributing to this sexually exploitive culture overwhelming our nations most respected entity. We launched THE PENTAGON WATCH ON SEXUAL EXPLOITATION and are getting the attention of the press and many leaders around the country to this issue.

They are listening! We also sent a letter to the Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff explaining pornography’s influence and link to sexual violence. We have demanded specifically from these leaders that the Military stop the sale of pornography in base exchanges and prohibit access to pornography on government property (i.e.: install filters on computers soldiers are using overseas!).
The Secretary of Defense already issued an order that all branches do a search for offensive and degrading materials and report back to him next month. (VICTORY #1!) 

navy secretary ray mabus

Yesterday, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus took this a step further and issued a command that all areas be searched, that materials (which includes not only pictures, but also videos, electronic devices, calendars, documents, displays and more) be removed and that this be done at least annually. He even commanded that magazines be removed and this material not be allowed in exchanges, commenting that this material creates a “degrading, hostile [and] offensive work environment.” (MAJOR VICTORY!)   
Thank you for your help and support! 
Our efforts are REALLY CHANGING THINGS. I hope you feel empowered and optimistic. It just takes a few of us brave enough to speak up and somehow mountains can be moved. (We do want more of us though, so get your friends involved in our efforts too!)


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