November 4, 2015

VIDEO: How To Make A Difference For 2016’s Dirty Dozen List

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is gearing up for the 2016 Dirty Dozen list.

This will be the 4th year of NCOSE’s Dirty Dozen list campaign, where we publicly expose some of the top mainstream companies and organizations that are facilitating and profiting from sexual exploitation. The Dirty Dozen list has had unprecedented success, and has led to many real-world policy changes.

Just this year, NCOSE’s efforts have changed the policies of Hilton Worldwide to no longer offer on-demand pornography, and Walmart, RiteAid, and FoodLion to put Cosmopolitan magazine behind blinders so that children don’t have to see them in the checkout aisle. Not only that, but when Hyatt Hotels heard that they might be put on 2016’s Dirty Dozen list they were eager to work with NCOSE to change their policies this year to no longer offer on-demand pornography as well.

Thousands have participated in the Dirty Dozen list, which is the reason that it has been so successful! Every email, and every phone call, is making a significant difference.

But, in order to get this year’s Dirty Dozen list going we need your help!

We need your input in two ways:

  1. Send ideas of who we should target this coming year to
  2. Support this campaign financially. Please donate through our Causevox crowdsourcing campaign, and share it on social media. Every dollar helps!

Watch Our Full Video, And Click Here to Learn More.

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