November 3, 2014

VIDEO: Pornography and the Colonization of Childhood – Sharon Cooper, MD, FAAP

At the 2014 Summit for the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE), Sharon Cooper, MD, gave this keynote address. In it, she discusses the colonization of childhood, highlighting how mainstream adult pornography impacts children, how it is used to “season” children, and why men are migrating from adult porn to child porn and then to child molestation.

Dr. Cooper is a developmental and forensic pediatrician who evaluates and treats children who have been victims of all forms of abuse, though her primary area of expertise is that of sexual exploitation. Dr. Cooper holds faculty positions at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Department of Pediatrics and the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland.

She is a consultant and Board member of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. She has lectured nationally and internationally, providing Congressional testimony in the United States, Russia, Manitoba Canada, and Italy on child sexual exploitation.

Dr. Cooper actively evaluates victims of child abuse images and the commercial sexual exploitation and has been qualified as in expert witness in more than 300 court proceedings.

SharonCooperPresentation 01 from Pornography Harms on Vimeo.

coalition graphic - main sealThe Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE) is focused on bringing a variety of people together to solve and end the complex social issue of sexual exploitation and its associated companion – pornography. In order to do this, it unites the efforts of like-minded organizations and leaders across the world in a loose coalition. As of September, 2014 there are 280 national, state and local organizations in the Coalition.

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