January 11, 2016

A Wife and a Runaway Trafficked into Pornography: The Stories of Naideen and Angel

In honor of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we are sharing the stories of two survivors who were trafficked into pornography.

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Naideen called Dawn and told her about how she met an attractive, accomplished, older man who she quickly fell in love with and married. That’s when the fairy tale ending she dreamt of quickly turned into a nightmare. Her husband regularly drugged her, and forced her to participate in degrading and violent pornography, such as torture porn (BDSM) and bestiality. The films were mass produced. It took her three years to escape from this horrific dynamic.

Another story that illustrates the link between trafficking and porn is the story of Angel. Angel called Dawn and told her about how she had run away at a young age and was approached by a man who offered her a place to stay off the streets. After about a week, this man showed up demanding “payment” for the shelter he had provided. He brought men in from the bar below the apartment to have sex with her, and he recorded it with cameras in the walls.

We need to help people understand there are connections between pornography and sex trafficking. We have heard from many survivors who tell us about how they have been forced, coerced, or exploited to create mainstream pornography that is being watched by people who don’t even realize they are looking someone who is enslaved.

We cannot allow women, men, or children to be degraded or harmed in this way anymore. Visit http://stoptraffickingdemand.com to learn more, and please share the information there this month to help fight trafficking in all of its forms!


*These survivors stories are used with permission; their names have been changed to protect their identities.

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