February 9, 2019

Meet the Women Standing Up to Massage Envy’s Policies on Sexual Assault

Allegations of sexual assault date back nearly to the founding of Massage Envy, yet most cases reported to the company were poorly handled and kept quiet. Despite some improved policies just recently (changes that came only after nearly 200 lawsuits were publicized), Massage Envy lacks transparency and accountability to the public about just how dangerous their spas are for women.

Massage Envy’s sexual assault problem finally exploded into the public’s awareness when one brave woman, Susan Ingram, refused to be silenced by Massage Envy’s team of lawyers. Her willingness to go to the press led to a breakthrough investigative journalism piece by Buzz Feed in November 2017, “More than 180 Woman Have Reported Sexual Assaults at Massage Envy.” Buzz Feed followed up their viral report with a second in August 2018, “Dozens More Women Say They Were Sexually Assaulted At Massage Envy.”

A simple Google News search turns up many news reports about Massage Envy’s poor handling of numerous sexual assault cases.

Below are some video testimonies of women standing up to Massage Envy:


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