February 19, 2016

Would You Like A Side of Exploitation With Your Coffee?

Sexpresso Cafés, also known as Bikini Baristas or Bareistas, are coffee stands where women in hyper-sexualized bikinis and lingerie serve hot beverages. This promotional trend began in the early 2000’s in Seattle, and it quickly spread to other states, such as North Carolina, Colorado, Maryland, Texas, and more.

Pornified culture is personified in these isolated shacks, where customers can drive up to a window and ogle at a woman’s body as she makes coffee. The blatant sexual concentration of this business model fosters exploitive and degrading views of women. Some YELP reviews include the below comments:

bikini reviews

Objectifying females becomes an acceptable and manly “sport” when society sanctions organizations and companies that use women’s body parts to sell products. These companies that employ the “Sexpresso Café “ marketing techniques send a message that female sexuality is just another commodity that can be bought and sold.

Far from empowering, these policies are based on objectification and are therefore exploitive.


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