October 29, 2014

WRAP Week Fact: Child Pornography

Some users of hardcore adult pornography find that they can no longer find satisfaction and deviate to harder content, often to child pornography, in search for physical satisfaction. It is important to remember that young boys and girls who are 15, 16, 17 years of age are still children and such pornography is child porn. The demand for this type of pornography is ever growing, posing a great danger to children.

  • Many of those convicted of child pornography report that they started out with adult pornography and then deviated down to child stimulation.
  • A majority of child pornography offenders claim that the Internet was where they FIRST found child abuse images and that it was INITIALLY BY ACCIDENT when viewing adult pornography.
  • While hardcore adult pornography does not depict actual children, it does “include hardcore depictions of sex with persons who are made to look like children and with barely legal teens.”
  • It is STILL CHILD PORNOGRAPHY even if the victim looks older or is only 17 years old.
  • Many people in the porn industry (producers and distributors) do not check the age of the “performers” (victims) and make it easy for them to lie about their age.
  • Perpetrators and pimps often use adult pornography to instruct prostituted children, as well as act out what they view in adult pornography with the children.


“The problem is, people think it’s a victimless crime. Behind every picture and video is a crime scene. That child is being raped and sexually assaulted in the worst way.”

– Paul Iannace, PA State Police Trooper

“So, what’s left? Well, what’s left is children. That’s the only taboo left, which is why I think it’s all about desensitization, the need to keep creating new markets.”

– Dr. Gail Dines

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