rap about pornography
July 2, 2018

Young Men Are Rebelling Against Pornography Through Rap

Young men are increasingly rebelling against pornography and porn-culture.

Unfortunately, due to the pervasiveness of the Internet, most young men today are exposed to pornography before they’re old enough to have a first kiss or to make well-informed decisions about consuming such degrading and addictive material.

While many individuals are caught in cycles of pornography use, others are speaking out against it, using their talents to encourage others in the battle to break habitual pornography use.

That’s what Allen Thomas and Dillon Chase do in their below rap, “The Only One.”

Allen Thomas fka This Is No Hype featuring Dillon Chase “The Only One”

You can download the Pornography & Public Health: Research Summary here for peer-reviewed research on the harms of pornography.

If you or someone you know is struggling with pornography use, you can find a wide-ranging list of resources here, including faith-based, secular, in-person counseling, anonymous online programs, and more.

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