July 21, 2014

You’ve made the world better for our kids


Thanks to the support of many like you, we have racked up some major victories in the past year to protect our children.

Comcast improved access to and the effectiveness of parental controls.

Verizon stopped offering psuedo-child porn titles many of us complained about.

Facebook increased efforts to crack down on child pornography and has done much better at swiftly removing hardcore pornography shared on the site.

Google kicked out all porn apps from Google Play and has now stopped all sexually explicit ads (many of which were being served directly to children).

We have reframed the issue of pornography as the public health crisis that it is and have secured the help of 150+ leaders, experts and other organizations to work together on protecting our children.

We are making a difference!

4c81963882b32f9bc1b54f2bca699913These victories do not come cheap though! We are desperately in need of more funding in order to keep the fight strong. Please give $10, $25, $50, $100 – or whatever you can to these important efforts TODAY.

CLICK HERE to make a donation.

Consider the ugly facts:

  • Today, a MAJORITY of 15-16 year old boys and a growing number of girls regularly view pornography online or on their phones.
  • The average age a child first sees hardcore pornography is 11!
  • One out of every three boys and one out of every five girls have seen bestiality online — can you imagine!
  • There is a rise of child-on-child sexual abuse.
  • Children are developing life-long addictions to porn before they even have their first date.

These facts are alarming. This is why we must increase our efforts and improve our effectiveness.

Finally, there is a movement fighting back to ensure that children are allowed to grow up free from exploitation. Thank you for helping us to hold these companies accountable. Thank you for adding your voice to ours.

Please continue to TAKE ACTION and please consider helping to fund this important work.

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