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Google devices are in the hands of 30 million students worldwide and 70 million educators and students use G Suite for Education. While better access to technology brings immeasurable benefit to the learning environments of youth today, it is essential that parents, schools, and developers like Gooogle maintain the safety and security of the environments kids are thrust into.

While Google provides measures for system-wide subscribers, like schools, to filter and prevent certain content from access on Google devices, many IT administrators are confused by the many steps to turning these on and monitoring them so many devices are inadequately protected. As a result, students are using their school-assigned devices to access material like hardcore pornography. It is often only after an incident of sharing hardcore pornography with other students, that school administrators and parents realize the systems were not set up correctly.

Google should and must assist schools further by default turning on the filtering tools and setting them at a level that would block most, if not all, pornographic content. 


SafeSearch, a Google tool that when turned on, helps block explicit images, videos, and websites from Google Search results. SafeSearch is a pretty good filter that seems to block almost everything that is pornographic. We are pleased that Google has recently placed the SafeSearch feature in more prominent, easier-to-find places in Google Images as we have asked them to do for years.


SafeSearch or Restricted Mode, by default, should be turned on at least in YouTube and Google Images for all users, and at least for all Google devices given to K-12 schools. The sheer amount of content with hardcore pornographic imagery is astounding and often turns up with innocent search terms. With scientific sex terms searched in Google Images, results display hundreds of thousands of hardcore pornography, images showing penetration clearly visible with a focus on the genitals, within a fraction of a second. How many kids are typing in the word “sex” out of curiosity in Google? We were not even able to find images about reproductive systems or educational information about genitalia after scrolling through the pornographic image results for minutes.

At a minimum, all Google devices sold to schools should by default have SafeSearch turned on. It cannot be the responsibility of overburdened school IT support to figure this out when Google, who is receiving high amounts of our tax dollars in exchange for contracts with schools districts, can so easily make this the default setting.





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Utilize the Built-in Controls

While we are demanding that Google to automatically turn on safety search and filters for all Chromebooks sold to schools, you can proactively make sure your child’s devices are safe. Share this information with other parents and with your school officials.


Tell Google to Remove Graphic Pornography from Images Search

Sign the Petition to YouTube

Help us urge YouTube to change the way they operate. They must use the necessary resources to decrease the sexually graphic content on their site.


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