The conditions around large, commercial sporting events, such as the demographics of visitors, and a celebratory atmosphere occurring within a concentrated geographic area, create an increased demand for purchasing sex. Enticed by the potential for greater profits, this leads sex traffickers to increase the supply of sexually trafficked persons in the area. Help us stop sex trafficking associated with large sporting events by tackling the demand.

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Watch this video from our friends at Exodus Cry on why we must combat demand for commercial sex:

In recent years, the Super Bowl has become synonymous with sex trafficking. However, it is important to clarify it is not the Super Bowl itself, but rather, the conditions surrounding the event that are conducive to increased sexual exploitation. The primary condition? Demand for commercial sex.


Large sporting events such as the Super Bowl, NASCAR, and the World Cup, cater to the male demographic. Business-savvy sex traffickers capitalize on the increased male population in one geographic location with a party attitude and money to burn. The best way to put these traffickers out of “business” is to stop the demand for commercial sex. Without potential sex buyers, sex traffickers will have no reason to supply prostituted women and children for exploitation in the sex trade.


Help us defend dignity and stop sexploitation surrounding sporting events by joining our Tackle Demand 365 campaign, not just during the Super Bowl, but 365 days a year. You can make a difference – you can be the “interception” that stops sex trafficking before it happens.


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