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9th Circuit Court Affirms, Sexual Exploitation is Nobody’s Job

The United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit today handed down a unanimous decision in the case of Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education and Research Project (ESPLERP) v. Gascón upholding California’s prostitution law. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation filed an amicus curiae brief on behalf of itself and several other anti-sexual exploitation […]

Sexual Exploitation is Nobody's Job

Issue: Prostitution – Bright Light on the Red Light

Twitter Plans to Enforce Content Rules, Here’s Where They Should Start

In December of last year, Twitter announced it would be enforcing its rules about violent and inappropriate content. The site now intends to block what the platform terms “hateful content” as well as content that is degrading or abusive. Twitter’s attempt to make users feel more safe in light of growing online extremism is an […]

End Exploitation on Twitter

Issue: Objectification

Keep Kids Safe: 9 Ways Porn and Predators will Target Kids in 2018

Guest post by Kristen Jenson and Marilyn Evans originally posted on the Protect Young Minds website.  By default, every device that connects kids to the internet also connects kids to porn. It’s that simple —and it’s that infuriating! To keep kids safe in the digital age, parents need to stay one step ahead of trends and know exactly what they […]

Report of NCOSE’s 2017 Efforts to Defend Dignity

To my dear allies and friends in this fight, I want to extend my warmest thanks to you for your generous support of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation in 2017. Your dedication to defending human dignity is a personal inspiration to myself and our team, as we are reminded that so many individuals across […]

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

New Report Reveals Top U.S. Government Computers Linked to Revenge-Porn Site

Were you aware that our military and government may have a revenge-porn crisis on their hands? Unfortunately, this is not a new problem — military culture is rampant with sexual assault and abuse. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has worked with the military to help eradicate sexual exploitation by our service members and military personnel. We have […]

abuse in the military

Issue: Military

James Franco’s Show The Deuce Normalizes Sexual Exploitation of Women. Now He’s Accused of Sexual Misconduct.

Multiple women, including two actresses, accused actor, director, and producer James Franco of sexual misconduct after he wore a “Time’s Up” pin to the Golden Globe Awards. Franco says the allegations “aren’t accurate,” but he supports “change.” Franco is a producer and actor for HBO’s sexually exploitive show, The Deuce, which is about pornography and […]

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

Meet the Movement to End Sexual Exploitation at the CESE Summit

I get it. You’re busy. You’ve got bills to pay, and places to be. Why then, do I still think you should attend NCOSE’s  2018 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE) Global Summit? 1) You care about these issues, but there’s still so much to learn. At the CESE Global Summit, you will learn about […]

CESE Summit (General Page)

“Time’s Up” for Our Nation’s Children, Too

This article originally appeared in The Red Carpet at this Sunday’s Golden Globes will be a little more monochromatic than in years past. Many Hollywood actresses will don black to send a message of solidarity with victims of sexual harassment. The #MeToo movement of last October has generated a new initiative, Time’s Up, which […]

Hollywood, #MeToo, and Time's Up

Combating Sex Trafficking in 2018: Important Issues on the Policy and Advocacy Landscape

UPDATE: Now that the event has passed, you can watch it here on the blog. In October 2000, Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. It was a watershed moment giving rise to a movement to combat human trafficking across the U.S. and around the world. The nearly two decades of activism since have yielded […]

sex trafficking modern-day slavery

Communications Decency Act

Pornography Consumption Fuels Sexual Harassment

Below is my recent letter to the editor in the Los Angeles Times regarding Judge Alex Kozinski’s pornography usage, alleged sexual harassment and subsequent resignation.  To the editor: In discussing Judge Alex Kozinski’s recent departure from the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals after allegations by several women of sexual misconduct, The Times Editorial Board states […]

9th circuit court of appeals

Issue: College

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