The Problem

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for enforcing decency standards on broadcast TV and radio. Though these standards prohibit profanity and nudity, they are not currently enforced. This page will keep you updated on the latest news and how you can help! Check back often to stay informed and to help hold the FCC accountable.



Fisting, Anal Sex, Penis Pictures: Broadcast TV’s Ratings Grab Gets Raunchy (The Hollywood Reporter)

This season, broadcast TV isn’t for the prudish. Nearly two months into the fall, it’s clear that explicit jokes and boundary-pushing storylines are changing the definition of what sexual content is acceptable in primeĀ­time.


Comment to FCC re: Comcast’s & Time Warner Cable’s Merger Request

FCC should work to assure that families be given the free market ability to pick and pay for programming that best suits their needs and their values. The public should not be forced to cross-subsidize the enormous bundled channel packages of channels that include unwanted and often objectionable programming.


DECENCY FIGHT VICTORY: Meeting with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Yesterday, May 6, 2014, we had a meeting with the new Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler.

We are pleased by the outcome of today’s meeting. We are nearly certain that this new standard to allow nudity will not be implemented and are hopeful that under newly appointed Chairman Wheeler, the current standards will be enforced.


O’Rielly Meets With Content Watchdog Groups (Broadcasting and Cable)

FCC commissioner Michael O’Rielly met with the leadership of various content watchdog groups this week and assured them that enforcing TV decency was a priority.

2013 Highlights & Victories

MIM launched new, annual project called the Dirty Dozen,

SquareGraphic_DirtyDozena list of 12 facilitators of pornography. Thousands of Americans have participated in contacting these individuals and companies, and after considerable press, success is happening.