February 29, 2012

02/29/2012 Anti-Porn Movement Bulletin

Friends, I made a short video update to share with you about what we’re working on right now. Please share the efforts and help get others involved. (Like the video if you can – we always get a lot of ‘thumbs downs’.) Watch here.

                                                                     – Dawn Hawkins
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Action Alerts:
  • Sign a letter to key Members of Congress asking for a hearing on the pandemic of harm from pornography and the need to vigorously enforce obscenity laws. Sign here on our Facebook page.
  • Volunteer to help with our major new effort – The Safe Schools, Safe Libraries Project.  We are having a web conference on next Monday and Tuesday to talk about how you can get started! Email us your with your name, city, state and phone number if you want to participate!  Many schools and public libraries have either NO FILTERING OF PORNOGRAPHY or INADEQUATE FILTERING.  Our project will help you identify schools and libraries in your community that need YOUR help. We’ve got many tools and experts to help you. Let us know if you’re interested in doing this in your area. We’re looking for a few cities to start this NOW! Email us at grassroots@pornharms.com
  • Sign the Safe Internet Petition (info below).

Safe Internet Petition:
Scott Cooper, a national youth advocate, author and former school board president, is spearheading an effort to petition U.S. congressional representatives to sponsor legislation that would require Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide among their offerings at least one general community Internet option that is in compliance with already existing federal laws meant to protect children. The idea is to provide at least one “off-the-shelf” consumer alternative for those parents, families and others who want Internet access that is free of illegal, inappropriate material. For more information on how you can get involved in this effort please check his group’s website atwww.safeinternetpetition.org or email him directly at scooper@safeinternetpetition.org

TALKING POINTS: Links Between Porn & Sex Trafficking
  • Pornography is used as a “tool” to train young children and women so that they will “know” what to do in performing sex acts.
  • Often, the forced sexual acts between the prostituted woman/child and the John will be filmed and photographed and then shared elsewhere.
  • Studies show that pornography users often seek to act out what they have viewed in porn. Often their partners will not engage in such acts, so they seek it elsewhere – increasing the demand for trafficked women and children to be prostituted.
  • Pimps are operating more and more online as it becomes easier to connect with potential buyers and to remain anonymous. Popular websites like www.Craigslist.com and www.Facebook.com have become “virtual brothels” where one can quickly find prostituted women and children to engage in sex acts.
  • As addictions to pornography increase, users seek harder and harder material. There is a recent boom in the availability of “live” porn as trafficked children and women are forced to perform “on-demand” sex acts in front of web cameras as “Johns” or porn users watch.
  • Porn users do not and cannot distinguish between trafficked women, prostitutes, and porn stars.
  • Pornography fuels the global sex trade by driving demand into the mainstream of society.

Will you help sponsor these efforts?


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