Action Alert #1: Making United Airlines’ Friendly Skies Friendly Again

Over the years, NCOSE has heard story after story of passengers watching pornography on flights, passengers or aircrew being sexually harassed or assaulted, and more. While having these incidents happen at all is bad enough, what’s worse is that flight crews are rarely, if ever, prepared to handle these situations.

United Airlines seems to have an especially chronic issue with sexual assault and harassment. While their CEO, Oscar Munoz, claims to believe that “sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, intimidation or predation have absolutely no place anywhere in our society–including, and especially, in our industry and on our aircraft,” he has made no apparent move to increase the training crews receive for dealing with such inappropriate behaviors, and they almost entirely ignore passengers who watch pornography on planes.

For a company whose motto is “Fly the Friendly Skies,” United Airlines isn’t doing much to make those skies safe from sexual exploitation. Passengers and flight crews alike already have to deal with rushing through airport security, carrying heavy luggage, potential last-minute gate changes, turbulence, and other stressors that are unique to air travel. They shouldn’t have to have the stress and/or trauma of sexual assault or harassment added to that list. 

That is why we are asking United Airlines to take a stand and say #TimesUp for sexual assault and harassment in the airline industry! Join us in taking action–specifically between July 20-22, 2019 so we can all be doing it together–and calling on United to do the right thing.

Quick Actions:

  • Reach out to United Airlines executives directly by clicking here to email them
  • Tweet these premade messages to United so that their team can’t ignore this issue anymore
    • @united your aircrews deserve to be trained on how to deal with #sexualassault and #sexualharassment! Please step up as leaders in this movement and say #TimesUp for sexual exploitation in the airlines industry! #EndExploitation
    • @united your passengers and crews have enough to be stressed about when travelling- being sexually harassed or assaulted on your flights shouldn’t be on that list of stressors! Please teach your crews how to effectively address these incidents! #EndExploitation
    • @united inflight sexual assault and harassment makes the #FriendlySkies become not-so-friendly. Please take a stand and make your flights safer by training crews on how to deal with and prevent these issues. #EndExploitation
    • @united Please teach your flight attendants on what to do when confronted with passengers watching porn. Your crews need to know what to do with this growing problem! #EndExploitation
  • If you have a personal story you feel comfortable sharing about encountering pornography, sexual assault and/or harassment on a flight (any airline), share your experience with us at [email protected]

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