2019 12 Days of Action: Amazon
July 23, 2019

Action Alert #2: Tell Amazon to Stop Selling Sexual Exploitation

The 2nd target we are focusing on during the 2019 12 Days of Action is Amazon.

For four years Amazon has held its shameful position on the Dirty Dozen List for its refusal to honor the dignity inherent to humanity. From July 23-25, we need you to help push Amazon into becoming a responsible corporate leader in the midst of the current #MeToo culture.

Part of the reason Amazon maintains its spot on the list year after year is that it has continued to sell sexually exploitive products. These products include sex dolls, sex trafficking how-to books, eroticized child nudity books, incest-themed erotica–among other things. The good news is that last year Amazon stopped selling childlike sex dolls because of actions taken by individuals like you. So there is hope for them to stop selling these other products that contribute to and normalize sexual exploitation!

Unfortunately, however, there is more to the picture. Amazon doesn’t just sell these products, although that would be bad enough on its own, it also creates its own original content that depicts gratuitous nudity via Amazon Prime Video. Through the creation and promotion of these videos, Amazon is making softcore pornography available to a general audience without strong warnings and it often allows this content to share screen space with children’s content.

This is why Amazon has remained on the Dirty Dozen List for so long and why we are asking for your help. When individuals like you speak out against sexual exploitation, powerful change is possible–even for Amazon!

Quick Actions:

  • Email Amazon executives to demand they stop selling sex dolls, incest-themed erotica, and sexually exploitive books
  • Send these prewritten tweets to @Amazon to let them and your followers know that Amazon is facilitating sexual exploitation
    • @amazon, please stop selling sex trafficking how-to books! Endsexualexploitation.org/amazon. #NotMyAmazon #EndExploitation
    • @amazon needs to stop selling erotic child nudity books! Follow Walmart’s example and remove them. #NotMyAmazon #EndExploitation
  • Send this email to Amazon Studios executives telling them you do not support their original shows, 66% of which contain nudity!

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