March 20, 2015

March 20 Prayer Alert

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. We feel so supported by your prayerful hearts and constant encouragement. Here is our bi-monthly prayer update.


  • This past week, we have received a lot of great press from our note to Dick Cheney regarding the political statement he made through an interview with Playboy Magazine. Our note gave women a voice to say it is unacceptable for Mr. Cheney to use a forum that exploits and degrades women for his political comments.
  • The movement has recently seen a small victory with a public library in Illinois. After spending over $200,000 of taxpayer money to keep pornography accessible on public computers, Orlando Park Public Library has since agreed to pay a settlement for violating and ignoring Illinois laws. We still have a lot more to do to ensure safety in public spaces for our children, but it is encouraging to see progress made in the movement!


  • Please pray for the continual health of our staff. The winter flu hit our office and has kept a few of us out for several days!
  • We would also like prayer over our Porn-Free Wi-Fi Campaign, a joint effort we have with Enough is Enough, to filter public Wi-Fi services and keep them free of child and hardcore pornography.
  • Finally, join me in prayer for victims of human trafficking and women who have been abused by the porn industry. My heart is heavy this week with stories of women who have been coerced and mistreated by this evil industry.  Let’s pray together for God’s redemption, divine strength and ultimate healing in their hearts, minds and bodies.

Each of you play a crucial role in the work we do and I am praying for the Lord’s blessings over you this week!

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