November 22, 2013

National Day of Prayer

Written by Hysen Sisco, MIM Intern

On December 10, 2013, Morality in Media will be hosting a National Day of Prayer to strengthen the fight against pornography. We, along with participating groups, hope to add power to our actions in our efforts to educate about the harms of pornography and inspire our nation’s leaders to enforce the existing decency laws.

Our president, Patrick Trueman, adds, “The war on pornography can only be won with the blessing of Almighty God and we humbly join together to seek that blessing. This day is set aside to help those who are struggling with pornography addictions as well as their families, and to inspire and encourage those involved in this fight.”

Please join us in this day of prayer that we may accomplish this great objective before us. Pornography afflicts our communities by normalizing sexual exploitation, addiction, violence against women and child abuse.

Pray for individuals struggling with pornography use and their partners. Pray that children may be protected from exposure and parents will know how to best safeguard them. Pray for the performers who are exploited and abused. Pray that others in your community will recognize the real dangers of pornography and join the cause.

You can also distribute flyers, share the event on social media, and invite your friends, family and church members to participate. Other ideas can be found at

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