No, Pornhub Cannot Be Improved or Reformed

Pornhub has announced so-called improvements in the wake of its criminal nature being further exposed by Nicholas Kristof in his blistering piece for the New York Times entitled “The Children of Pornhub” which pulled the curtain back on Pornhub’s profiteering from child sexual abuse material. The announced updates from the MindGeek-owned “porn tube site” would be laughable if Pornhub’s crimes weren’t serious and pervasive.

It’s impossible for Pornhub to “clean up its act” because its business model – and the very content it profits from – is inherently abusive and exploitative.

Pornhub cannot be trusted: it has profited for years from rape, child sexual abuse material, sex trafficking, and revenge pornography. It's time to #ShutItDown. Click To Tweet

Facilitating the distribution of and profiting from child sexual abuse material (known colloquially as “child pornography”) is an abhorrent act and enough on its own to merit the shutdown of Pornhub. But the Canadian-based international pornography corporation and its related entities and business partners are rife with other crimes which include but are not limited to sex trafficking as was highlighted by the GirlsDoPorn—a popular Pornhub partner channel—case.

And that’s not even mentioning all the racist, misogynistic, incestuous, and other rape and torture-themed material it thrives on.

A quick perusal of the #Traffickinghub site and campaign (spun up surrounding the work of Laila Mickelwait has done and is doing to help expose Pornhub’s myriad abuses) is all one needs to see that no amount of quote-unquote “changes” will ever be enough to “fix” Pornhub.

Pornhub must be shut down.

Pornhub equals Racismhub
Pornhub’s Darkly Ironic Claims About Racism and Social Injustice

Pornhub cannot be fixed because its material and business model are quite literally built on top of and designed to profit off of sexual abuse and exploitation. Take for example and reference the following key takeaway from a research summary of a study done by Dr. Jennifer Johnson and a team of researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007:

“To sum up, the online pornography industry is not some sporadic and disorganized business. It is a very organized and tightly controlled business that is run, in large part, by MindGeek. It uses a scale network in order to have the most popular and profitable images appear first when consumers search for pornography online. This is important to understand because it is giving younger boys easy access to hardcore pornography as well as desensitizing them to it. Pornography is a public health crisis and something must be done to stop it.”

History will not look kindly on our society for so long sitting idly by and tacitly approving the rise of MindGeek and its myriad exploitative entities, such as Pornhub, which have systematically targeted, abused, and profited from the destruction of the vulnerable.

Enough is enough. We must stand up on behalf of all victims and survivors of Pornhub’s myriad crimes of sexual abuse and exploitation.

Pornhub must be shut down.

Justice must be served on behalf of all victims and survivors of Pornhub’s myriad crimes of sexual abuse and exploitation. #ShutItDown Click To Tweet

You can be a crucial part of making that happen by filling out the following easy-to-use action form below in order to send emails directly to executives at major payment processing companies that currently work with Pornhub and other exploitative entities.

Contact Executives at Payment Processing Companies and Urge Them to Stop Working with Pornhub

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