Dignity Defense Alert_July 2020_PayPal
July 14, 2020

STATEMENT – Dignity Defense Alert: PayPal Recognized for Severing Ties with Pornhub

Other Major Credit Card Companies Urged to Follow PayPal’s Lead

Washington, DC (July 14, 2020) – The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) is recognizing PayPal in its Dignity Defense Alert for severing ties with Pornhub in an industry-leading move. NCOSE’s Dignity Defense Alert is a new campaign to recognize the people, companies, and nonprofits, who are taking action to defend human dignity from any form of sexual abuse or exploitation.

“By ceasing to process payments to Pornhub, PayPal has hampered a predatory corporation’s ability to perpetuate and profit from abuse and exploitation. We are honored to recognize PayPal for taking the lead on cutting ties with the pornography industry,” said Dawn Hawkins, senior vice president and executive director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

“We urgently call on other major credit card companies to stop processing payments for Pornhub and other porn sites, and to heed the voices of advocates in over 13 countries that recently urged them to cut ties in order to stop aiding human rights violations,” Hawkins added.

“Pornhub’s economic model incentivizes the creation of highly exploitive, derogatory, and discriminatory pornography, often depicting themes of extreme violence against women and children, racism, and incest. Even more harrowing, an increasing number of videos depicting actual instances of rape, child trafficking, and revenge pornography have been identified on their site with ease due to inadequate verification for age or consent of those featured. It is time for all financial institutions to follow PayPal’s lead.”

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