May 8, 2017

Victories Since our Meeting with Google Three Years Ago

Thanks to Facebook Memories, I was just reminded of a major turning point in the fight to defend human dignity. Three years ago, today, our organization set up a meeting with leaders at Google and invited key allies to join us. This meeting has led to monumental changes, not only at Google directly, but also in making it acceptable for other groups to likewise changes their policies.

I looked back at the email I sent to our supporters May 9, 2014 and can’t believe I called this a “SMALL VICTORY” – this was no small feat, especially given our organization’s size back in 2014. I look back now on this meeting and our campaign leading to it, which has led to changes in YouTube, GooglePlay, Google’s ads, their Family Resource Center, and more, and I continue to feel immense hope and momentum!

If we can change Google, I think we can surely change the world!

I truly believe that the leadership of major corporations like Google in stepping up to admit their problematic policies and to change them has made it possible for others to bravely step up and do the same as well. Major corporations such as Hilton Worldwide, Walmart, Facebook, and others have eliminated or are eliminating pornography from their business models. The Department of Defense, Verizon, Twitter and many others have also instituted major policy changes away from accepting profits from pornography.

You can skim some of our articles on victories for the movement here.

You can check out updates of our work with Google here and be sure to sign the petition thanking them for their leadership. There is still more that they can do to assist the movement, so help us keep up the pressure.

Thank you for your help – your hope, prayers, action, and persistence – in fighting for a world free from sexual exploitation! Together, we are making progress.


Pictured in this photo taken after our meeting 5/8/14 are representatives from some of our allied groups – Covenant Eyes, Focus on the Family, Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council, and Enough is Enough.




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