January 2, 2018

Tweet at iBooks and Apple to Remove Racist, Violent Erotica

Apple’s iBooks is filled with erotic literature that supports rape myths, normalizes adult-with-teen-themed and incest-themed exploitation, and reinforces degrading racially charged sexual stereotypes.

Many of the book descriptions mention that the girl is reluctant to participate or is involved in “forced sex.” Forced sex is rape. Additionally, erotic stories on iBooks target Black, Asian, Latin, and Indian races with a variety of the books involve bondage and submission of minority races to white males.

Contacting companies on social media is a great way to get their attention, so please join with us in contacting iBooks on Twitter!

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.@iBooks please stop selling sexually exploitive books with themes of incest, rape, and racism! #iBooksExploits Click To Tweet .@iBooks you are facilitating #rapeculture by promoting books eroticizing forced sex. Forced sex is rape! #MeToo Click To Tweet .@Apple please #CleanUpiBooks and stop promoting rape culture through sexually exploitive books. Click To Tweet .@Apple, Steve Jobs said Apple has a responsibility to keep pornography off the iPhone, yet @iBooks is filled with exploitive written pornography. Please fix this. Click To Tweet .@iBooks is selling erotic stories targeting Black, Asian, Latin, and Indian women in bondage and submission of minority races to white males #RacistiBooks Click To Tweet .@iBooks and @Apple are profiting from ebooks eroticizing parent-child incest. #iBooksExploits Click To Tweet

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