December 28, 2018

Upcoming Battles in 2019

Every year, brings new victories, challenges, and opportunities to our advocacy efforts. As we turn towards 2019, we urgently need your help to continue the trail of success we’ve had.

Here are some upcoming battles where we need your help:

Advocating with The Dirty Dozen List

Since 2013, The Dirty Dozen List campaign has targeted mainstream entities in America that perpetuate sexual exploitation—whether that be through pornography, prostitution, sexual objectification, sexual violence and/or sex trafficking. The Dirty Dozen List is an activism tool that gives back power to individuals so they can take online actions and has a long history of victories, ranging from the Department of Defense to Google.

Creating Safe Schools & Safe Libraries

Through the Safe Schools, Safe Libraries campaign, NCOSE empowers citizens to ensure their schools and libraries filter out pornography, reject educational databases that host pornographic content or links to prostitution recruitment websites, and to provide safe school-issued devices to students.

Targeting Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Pornography on Airplanes

This year, NCOSE launched the campaign Fly Free to target the airline industry’s failure to proactively train aircrews to address sexually harassing actions, and speech, as well as in-flight pornography-use. Already thousands of individuals have taken action to call for change!

Shaping the TV/Movie Streaming Industry

Streaming services, like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu are now the way most young families and people access television shows and movies. Unfortunately, these devices are not held to the same standards as regular television, so their content frequently portrays graphic, explicit sexual scenes and sometimes even graphic rape scenes. Parental controls need to be improved to prevent unintentional exposure to this content.

It’s time to prepare for battle! I am confident that 2019 will bring many victories to our movement. But first, we must gather resources for the fight. Donate today and support these fantastic campaigns.

Dawn Hawkins

Senior Vice President and Executive Director

Dawn Hawkins is a passionate abolitionist and defender of human rights who has dedicated her life to fighting against societal harms that threaten the dignity of others. Her energy, creativity and mobilization skills have revived the anti-pornography movement and her intentional emphasis on the intersectionality of forms of sexual exploitation has proven a unique and effective strategy for curbing them.


As Sr. Vice President and Executive Director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), Mrs. Hawkins has developed a global strategy uniting more than 300 women’s rights, conservative, child advocacy, medical professionals, law enforcement, and religious groups, including a bipartisan political leadership, to work together in raising awareness of the connections between all forms of sexual exploitation. Her initiatives have lead to sweeping policy changes of policies that foster exploitation for targets such as Google, Hilton Worldwide, Comcast, Walmart, and the Department of Defense. Through her leadership, NCOSE has grown a network reaching hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Mrs. Hawkins has appeared on many local and national television programs, including CNN, Fox & Friends, and Good Morning America. She regularly authors articles and speaks around the country addressing the public health harms of pornography, curbing demand for sex trafficking, protecting children and families in our digital world, and more.

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